Every day I read more news stories about how remote learning isn’t working. About how students are falling irreparably behind. It’s disheartening to see all of these headlines because they don’t tell the whole story. My students’ stories — and the stories of many students like them who are demonstrating incredible growth right now — aren’t being heard. They are being ignored because headlines about problems are more exciting than those about success.

I don’t dispute the fact that remote learning is not working in some districts. I don’t dispute the fact that remote learning is challenging for all —…

Like historical fiction? Add these great reads to your TBR shelf.

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Book of the Month Club editions

Small Country: A Novel

by Gaël Faye, translated from the French by Sarah Ardizzone
Hogarth 2018 — Hardcover $25.00

Of course a book can change you. It can even change your life. It’s like falling in love. And you never know when such an encounter might happen. You should beware of books, they’re sleeping genies.

In this brief and beautiful novel, a young boy in Burundi comes of age in the midst of civil war and genocide. …


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a cornerstone feature of public education was SSR. SSR stands for Sustained Silent Reading, and while the exact implementation of SSR programming can vary greatly depending on the district or school or grade level or teacher, the idea is that students are regularly reading for recreation.

Read more about what SSR is and why it’s so important here.

The more experienced I have become as an educator, the more I have come to value SSR. Whenever I launch SSR, I always promise my students that they will have 15–20 minutes to read every day no…

Stefanie Brook Trout

MFA Creative Writing & Environment | Educator & local labor leader | Editor of Prairie Gold & Fracture anthologies | Opinions mine | she/her/hers

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